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Over the years, Friends has been one of the most watched shows on television. The show has also gifted us with our favourite characters and we cannot choose between them and here is where we need your help.

Who is your favourite FRIENDS character?

FRIENDS is by far the most well known and loved American series. The show is being watched by us on various platforms even though it got over in the mid 2000s. The show still has a massive fan base. Apparently, the show has also gifted us with some of its best characters and we yet cannot decide who is our ultimate favourite and that’s exactly why we’re here- to help you make the choice. So below are listed six character to choose from. Let’s begin!

1- Joey: This character is loved by many mainly due to his kind of low IQ that makes him hilarious, his flirty nature and not to forget the how protective he is of his food. Let’s not miss out the fact that he would give up anything to stay loyal to his friends.
2- Chandler: Chandler is the hero of many due to his sense of humour that plays a vital role in making the show better. The sarcastic comments he makes from time to time are our absolute favourite.
3- Ross: What do we say about the king of bad decisions. The star is loved for his passion towards stuff that others call geeky and is also known to be indecisive. But that’s what makes Ross who he is.
4- Phoebe: This is one of the characters that almost no one can relate to yet most of us love, mainly due to her vague beliefs and theories about everyday stuff. The star is also loved for being the most unique out of all.
5- Monica: Monica is the typical mom friend who loves taking control and being organized and is pretty darn good at it. She is the kind that saves your day when you mess up and is passionate about the simplest of things.
6- Rachel: Rachel is the perfect dream girl and nightmare at the same time. She is seen messing up from time to time but being quick to come back up and sort it out for others too. She is the perfect best friend anyone could ask for to be supportive.

We think all of these characters are perfect and we love them for who they are. But we yet cannot seem to choose between them as to who is our favourite and here is where we need your help to let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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