Hina Khan the dazzling beauty of television is all pumped up at home, working her way out in this COVID-hit ambience.

She has gotten all religious in this festive ambience of Ramzan. Also, she has been working out on her body, and also putting up her thoughts on a constant basis on social media.

Today, she put up pictures of her dazzling face amid the sunshine, thus giving out the hope that all will be better soon!!

Hina in the pictures looks adorable and glowing!!

We have seen actors putting up posts that spread positivity and hope in these tough times, and Hina is no different!!

Yes, the COVID-hit ambience has brought in a lot of grief, no doubt, but there surely is a ray of hope and dawn at the end of the tunnel.

Check Hina Khan’s picture here and you will know what we are saying.

View Instagram Post 1: Hina Khan is all positive, check why


She looks adorable here!!

This too shall pass folks!!

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