Ankit Mohan and Ruchi Savarn, the proud parents are excited to welcome their bundle of joy, their little boy. The kid was born on 7 December.

We at pinged the new father Ankit Mohan and he told us, “Ruchi and the kid are perfectly fine. I am waiting to take them home.”

Ankit insisted to be in the OT when Ruchi’s C-Section operation was taking place. “I insisted the doctor that I will be in the OT room because I could not leave Ruchi alone. It was an emotional moment for both of us. I saw the whole process of our boy coming out of the body. It was overwhelming yet special. All nurses were in shock seeing me doing everything for the baby from feeding to cleaning and napping and holding in hand. By talking to him, I feel I have made a bond with him and am looking forward to having a best friend and partner in a workout.”

Happy parenthood, Ankit and Ruchi!!