Sony Entertainment Television’s singing reality show, Indian Idol Season 12 is all set to bring to the viewers the, ‘Greatest Finale Ever’ on Independence Day! Ashish Kulkarni who was a part of this season has also been the greatest support to his best buddy Pawandeep Rajan. Praising his friend on the special day, Ashish organizes a special surprise for Pawandeep. He gets a nameplate for himself and Pawandeep that says, ‘Music Director Duo.’

Supporting his buddy Pawandeep Ashish Kulkarni says, “All of the contestants are like my family but, in the entire journey, Pawandeep was my first friend. Hence, I am closer to him. I have been observing him since day one and one thing is for sure, Pawan is very dedicated when it comes to singing. Every song he performs reaches our hearts, there is so much depth in his voice. I have been praying to God incessantly asking him to please keep Pawandeep in the Top 6 and make him win the trophy. The nameplate with the tag, ‘Music Director Duo’ maybe a small surprise but I know, there is a musical connection between us and, we are soon going to work together!”

After receiving the beautiful surprise Pawandeep shares his emotions and says, “Ashish Bhai is my family. Firstly, I am thankful to him for being a huge support on and off-set. We both have always been practicing together and have enjoyed the process time and again. I am overwhelmed with the gift. It is a fact that we will be composing a lot of songs together and continue to entertain our fans and viewers. I am blessed to have him in my life.”