Content has to be the key factor in any form of entertainment, is what needs to be believed by one and all says Karan Patel.

Popular actor Karan Patel, who plays the lead in Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently took to social media to address this important issue of how actors from various mediums should not be looked down upon, and that their talent is what should matter the most.

Karan in his detailed description on instagram stressed on the fact that it was necessary for the makers to smell the coffee and realize the potential in an actor, before seeing his background and the medium from which he is coming.

He talked about the discrimination that TV actors face and how makers do not want to cast a TV actor on the general belief of the actor not being capable enough.

Karan also talked of how TV actors are huge icons and have large fan bases.

If you want to to check out the hard-hitting post of Karan, read it here.

View Instagram Post 1: Karan Patel comes strong on the discrimination that television actors face

Way to go Karan. May few minds open up on reading this and see reality!!