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Karan Patel pens a heartwrenching and warming posts on the rise in suicide cases due to this pandemic and pay issues

“Ok more than often these days, I’ve been reading or hearing about people committing suicide or at least attempting to commit one.

So in case you have a similar agenda planned for yourself, I’d suggest spare a few minutes and read this post because the fan you wanna hang yourself from or the building you want to jump off of or the pills overdose will all still be there at your disposal when you finish this read.

Yes, so I wanted to know, is it that easy to just give up on life. I mean, life throws these curve balls at everyone at some point of their life but not all of them decide to surrender to the problems.
Foolish are those who think it takes a lot of strength to take your own life, sorry to burst your bubble but its a bloody cowardly act. It only means that you accept that your problem is bigger than your faith in God or it is worth far more than the love that your family has for you. So I think suicide is probably the easiest escape route to get out of whatever tough spot life has put you in, but, do you realize that it’s only you who has escaped and in return left behind a family, a bunch of broken hearts and lost souls who might never recover from this betrayal of yours or have you become so blindly selfish that you don’t give a fuck about the effect your actions will have on your family and loved ones?

More than sympathy, I harbour anger for these kind of people. I know most of you wanna shout out at me saying that only someone going through hell can know what helplessness feels like, ok agreed, but I strongly believe that no bloody problem in life is greater than life itself and nothing can compel you to give up this life which by the way is not what you have earned but it’s gifted to you by someone you called mother or maa all your life. So you have no right to destroy something that does not belong to you.
Remember you are not the only one to face tough times, there are millions other who are probably in a worse situation than yours.

I also think you cannot paint with white on a white canvas, you will need a black. Similarly, it is healthy to feel depressed or sad at times because only then will we identify and value happiness. I, for one, can say this out of the personal experience, that the more you talk and share your sorrows the lighter their burden becomes, and with joy its the vice versa, the more joy you spread the more it adds up in your life.
So now that I’m done saying what I had to, one last parting advice from me, “if you think your life has brought down on your knees, reach out and share because for all you know, the situation you thought u can never get out of, someone else could just sleepwalk you through it.
There is nothing shameful in confessing that you are hurting, in fact, it takes a lot of guts to expose your weakness and that is what friends and family are for. Share with them, Care for them, and at times when you feel vulnerable, just Stare at them.

And even now if you still wanna go ahead with the destruction, I’d suggest you do that with something that belongs to you because, by all means, this life of yours belongs to your parents, your wife, your siblings, your kids, your family and your friends who are always there for you, it’s your bad if you didn’t reach out to them.
So, You can troll this post if you wish to because frankly, I couldn’t care lesser about your opinion.

“Life is too precious to give up on.”

Hold on weel get through this !!

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