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Take a look at Kumkum Bhagya couple Abhi and Pragya’s journey over the years

#Kumkum BhagyaTurns6: Abhi and Pragya’s journey over the years

Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya have taught us that you can love someone even from distance. Theirs is a classic eternal love story. Since the beginning, Abhi and Pragya have never enjoyed marital bliss. There is always trouble in their paradise, so much so that even when they meet after staying apart for long, a dramatic twist takes place.

Shabir and Sriti’s chemistry as Abhi and Pragya leaves no cracks. They are the most perfect couple and one of the most loved ones on television. They completed six years on 15th April 2020. Abhi and Pragya taught us what passionate romance looks like in the show.

Fans of Kumkum have witnessed the couple’s romantic meeting and some heart-breaking partings in the show. At every stage of their relationship, they respected each other’s views, rather than forcing their own decisions. Even after lots of ups and downs in their life, they both were together and were there for each other, which made their love and relationship stronger.

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