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MTV Hustle is all set to change the rap evolution in India. It started on 10th August and media has already termed it as "India's Biggest Rap Evolution".

Make Way for India’s Biggest Rap Revolution: MTV Hustle!

Rap was not very popular in India until Gully Boy released. The film did give a little exposure to the rap and hip-hop industry in the country. And now, with Hustle it is only going to get bigger.

The show will be showcasing some of the big names in the world of hip-hop. Raftaar, Nucleya and Rajkumari are going to mentor the rappers. It will be on the channel every Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m.

Hustle will provide a platform to all the underground rappers and will give them popularity. During the auditions, a large number of people from across the country came in and only 15 were selected. Among these fifteen rappers, there will be one winner which will be decided after a series of competition and face-offs.

The show is going to give hip-hop a new picture in India. It is going to revolutionise the hip-hop industry of India. So many talented people will get a platform. Rap is something which is still coming up as a career in the country. Hustle will just increase the speed of the process altogether.

The show has been very uniquely curated and is one of the first rap shows that is going so huge in its content. The show has been perfectly crafted according to the needs of the rappers. They get to learn and they get to fight. All the rappers selected in the show will be able to make a name of their own.

MTV is always bringing out shows that cater to the trends of the youth. Hustle is one of the most popular trends- Rap.

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