Myra Singh aka Amyra and Aakriti Sharma aka Kulfi hugged each other after meeting on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala after few days.

Myra Singh gives Aakriti Sharma a big hug on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala set

Myra Singh and Aakriti Sharma, the cute little dolls on the set of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala the popular Star Plus show are literally the apple of everyone’s eyes.

The two girls Myra aka Amyra and Aakriti aka Kulfi do not share a great bond on-screen especially because of Amyra’s possessive love for her father Sikandar.

However, the story off the screen is very different!!

The girls Myra and Aakriti share a great camaraderie and being of the same age, they gel well and have a lot to talk about. Most importantly, they have a companion in each other on the set to play with.

Recently, Myra aka Amyra had a small break from shoot. And with her getting back on set after a week or so, the first thing that she did was to pose with her cute friend on set, Aakriti aka Kulfi.


Myra took to instagram and put up a photo of a happy huggie that she shared with Aakriti.

Check it out here… .

Truly, these two are blessed girls!! Spread your charm and love around, always….

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