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Namish Taneja the lead of Vidya is happy indoors, spending time with his cute dog.

Namish Taneja bakes a cake for his dog

TV actors are seen taking social distancing positively and urging their fans to do the same. They are not used to all the free time on their hands, given their otherwise hectic shoot schedules. However, due to the coronavirus threat, they are trying to make the most of it by spending time at home with their loved ones.

Namish Taneja, popularly known as Vivek Vardhan Singh in COLORS’ show Vidya, shares a very special bond with his pet dog Queen. In this free time, he decided to bake his dog a very special treat. He made her a cute customized cake with her picture on it. The actor also matched the colours on the cake with his dog’s outfit. Given the uncanny resemblance between his pet and the cake, we’re sure the actor took great efforts to pamper his pet.

Commenting on the same, Namish Taneja said, “I love spending time with the Queen, due to my work schedule I hardly get enough time to spend with her. Since I am at home these days, I made sure I spent most of my time with her. She likes being pampered, so I thought why not bake a cake for her. The moment I kept the cake in front of her she immediately gobbled the whole thing in no time! It’s good, during these trying times, to find happiness in little things, even if it is something as small as baking a cake for my pet.”

Way to go, Namish!!

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