When Nishant Malkani donned the Director’s hat and choreographed an action sequence in the Zee TV show, Guddan.. Tumse Na Ho Payega.

Nishant Malkani turns Director for an action sequence in Guddan.. Tumse Na Ho Payega

Talented and handsome Nishant Malkani is winning hearts as the sophisticated Akshat Jindal (AJ) in Zee TV’s popular show, Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Payega produced by Ved Raj’s Shoonya Square Productions.

Recently, Nishant turned Director for a very important action sequence, and choreographed the entire flow of the fight sequence.

Yes, as per the ongoing plot, Guddan (Kanika Mann) gets kidnapped by Dutta and Parv (Rehaan Roy), and AJ has come to rescue her.

It was Nishant’s idea to give the fight a realistic touch and when he got a green signal from his director, he gave in his best!!

Says Nishant, “We had action choreographers on the set, but I wanted the fight to be more like a film. So I requested my director to allow me choreograph it which the action team supervised for safety. They loved my idea and allowed me to execute it.”

Well, the result was that Nishant was asked to direct the whole fight!!


Adds the actor, “You can watch the fight directed by me in Friday’s episode which will also spill over to Monday.”

Are you all ready to watch the Director, Nishant in action?


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