Pandya Store fame actors Shiny Doshi and Heena Parmar might be having a cold relationship off the screen. Well, we tell you this because though they are sisters in the show, Dhara and Arushi, played by Shiny Doshi and Heena Parmar do not get along well. They hate the sight of the other, so much so that this has been a spot of bother for years for their mother. Well, off the screen, the scenario is quite different!! You can see the sisters Dhara and Arushi engage in some masti moments while not shooting. Here they share a BTS video where they are seen dancing to the tunes of money.

Yes, it is emphatic to see the two ladies having some fun in their sets. Both are dressed in their characters. Shiny is wearing a yellow saree, while Heena is seen wearing a gown in red.

They are happy, and jubilant and we like this BTS.

You can check the video here.

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Well, are you enjoying this offscreen dhamaka created by the onscreen sisters?

In Pandya Store, Arushi’s wedding is all set to happen with Shiva Pandya who is already married to Raavi. However, since he has lost his memory, he believes he is still not married. He has fallen for Arushi, who is actually Dhara’s younger sister. Dhara and Arushi hate each other.