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Parth Samthaan shares a video with his niece on social media

Parth Samthaan enjoys fun time with his niece

Parth Samthaan is the popular and stylish face of Indian television. The person who has got great looks is a superb actor and has a crazy fan following. Born on 11th March 1991, Parth Samthaan always wanted to be an actor since a young age, and that is why he is here.

Parth Samthaan was popular as Manik Malhotra on MTV show, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan. Parth Samthan is active on social media and shares his daily happenings on social media. His acting and fashion makes him popular and well known amongst audiences.

Also, his charming personality makes him perfect in all ways.

Parth Samthaan is our latest Insta heart-throb without a doubt and he does make our hearts skip a beat with his stylish looks! He is humble, charming and hot, and this right here is a combo worth fighting over. With a passion for cars, traveling and gizmos, he has won the hearts of his 2 million Instagram followers and still increasing.

Parth Samthaan’s updates on Instagram never ever fail to impress his fan following. His pictures and his amazing personality provides him with more fans and makes him the Instagram king of the week.

Today, he posted a video with his niece in his Instagram stories.

Below is the video of him along with his niece. Have a look!

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