Parth Samthaan gifts himself FIFA 20 PS4 video game

Parth Samthaan is breaking the internet with this latest picture

Boys and their toys can never be kept apart for long. And when confronted with their favourite video game, the latest version of FIFA, that is FIFA 20, these poor souls simply go crazy with love, longing, craving, passion, and all the other strong emotions of adoration out there. So what, if said boy is a legit celeb with his own legion of besotted admirers.

If you’ve not yet caught on to who and what it is we are talking about, allow us to enlighten you.

The celebrity in question is everyone’s absolute favourite, the hunky, chocolatey, oh-so-cute actor, Parth Samthaan. And the boy with the toy is Parth opening his package from Amazon with greedy hands and smacking lips, to unveil — aah, a spanking new copy of the latest version of the ultimate boy toy – the latest version of FIFA, FIFA 20! For those of you not in the know, FIFA is the football video game that has every boy from the age of eight to eighty, totally and crazily in love with it. And of course, how can Parth Samthaan be any different?

Here he is, opening his newest toy with glee. Check out the video he shared this morning on his Instagram page –

We wish you a rollicking time with your new game, Parth!

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