Pranav Misshra, the hot and dashing Prem of Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi turns a year older today and amidst all the hard work that goes on the set, the cast and crew joined in to celebrate their hero’s birthday in style!!

Says Pranav, “Yesterday night, when we were shooting, I was asked to cut my birthday cake by my unit (smiles). A working birthday is always super happy feeling.”

Talking about his thoughts on the day, the actor explains, “Birthdays are more of a feeling and emotion to experience rather than explaining it. Yes, it is a happy feeling no doubt. You grow older and wiser but you still want to be a kid at heart.”

Pranav being grounded even in success, has always carried the habit of using the special day to distribute gifts which are more of a token of his love, to the under-priviledged. “I will distribute some gifts and sweets to the ones who cannot afford a sumptuous meal. I will make sure to feed them rather than splurging it on lavish liquor abuse.”

Way to go, Pranav!!