Read to know about Kanikka Kapur and Mohit Kumar's real relationship

The real relationship between Kanikka Kapur and Mohit Kumar in Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2

Over the years we have been hearing stories of co-actors’ deep bonding over the shoots and now we have another example of this, Kanikka Kapur and Mohit Kumar aka Suman and Shravan of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2.

Though the two didn’t get along well with each other initially due to their contradicting personalities, the duo has now started to understand each other and has developed a strong bond of friendship over the months.

It is said that the actors have become good friends apart from being work buddies, Mohit and Kanikka have been each other’s travel companions during promo shoots which have been shot across locations including Satara and Ladakh.

Mohit also got a sweet birthday surprise from co-star Kanikka. The actor, who was away from home, shooting in Bhopal, celebrated his birthday with his co-stars. Mohit’s birthday was made special by co-star Kanikka Kapur, who baked a cake for him. It was Mohit’s first birthday away from his friends and family and Kanikka wanted to make it special


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