Sab Satrangi the Sony SAB show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen Mannu and Gargi’s love life blossoming after all the ordeal and life threat that Mannu faced. We saw how Deepu planned a romantic night for Gargi and Mannu by decorating the room. We also saw how romantically inclined both Mannu and Gargi were when Mannu lifted Gargi up in his arms. With them being on the verge of getting into a new future, will get back Shweta.

The coming episodes will see a twist in the drama when Shweta, Mannu’s first wife will make a grand entry into the thick of things. She will return along with her mother, the character which will be played by Smita Singh.

As per a reliable source, “The mother and daughter’s entry will create problems in the love life of Mannu and Gargi. They will come with a clear agenda in mind and will want to get huge money from Mannu.”

OMG!! What will happen now?