Revealed: The new love in Parth Samthaan's life!

Parth Samthaan wishes to settle in Switzerland

Parth Samthaan has a new love in his life! Move over all you salivating girls, coz Parth has given his heart away to this pretty, adorable and oh-so-lovable lass. And guess what, the pretty lady in question loves him back fervently, and unconditionally at that!

Awww, before all you lovestruck girls break down in tears of remorse and envy, let us tell you that the girl Parth Samthaan has lost his heart to is none other than his cute little niece!

In a heartwarming post on his Instagram this morning, Parth declared his love for his niece, along with an adorable pic and a cute caption. Check it out here –

Revealed: Parth Samthaan's new love of his life!

Isn’t Parth’s niece so cute! No wonder, the hunky guy has lost his heart to her!

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