Ring Master Rannvijay Singhato throw some funny yet tough tasks at the contestants.

Roadies Real Heroes: The Fight to the Journey Begins in the Culling Round

Roadies Real Heroes is gearing up for an exciting culling round where the survival of the fittest amongst the 35 contestants has become even more challenging and exciting! The episode begins with Ring Master Rannvijay Singha throwing some funny yet tough tasks at the contestants. It is not just a test of patience, but also a test of their bond, that will get them the ticket to the journey of Roadies Real Heroes!

And just like no episode of Roadies is complete without fights and arguments, this one too saw major catfights. Contestants Swati and Priyanka, who were seen giving a tough competition to each other during the auditions, got into a verbal rant during the culling round. Sahiba takes a dig at Yukti’s fashion sense which leads to cold vibes between the two as well as the other contesants.

We’re excited to see who all make it to the top and be part of the Roadies Real Heroes Journey. Are you? Tune-in to Roadies Real Heroes, every Sunday at 7pm only on MTV.

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