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Prince Narula gets into a heated argument to save Apoorva in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Prince Narula gets into a heated argument to save Apoorva

A supportive leader, always encouraging the team to bring their A-game, and leading by example – Prince Narula has been one of the strongest Celebrity leaders in the Roadies Revolution journey so far. The extent to which he goes to save his team members is a testament to the faith he possesses in each one of them. A few episodes back, he saved a contestant, Apoorva who was voted out and lost the survival task by giving up one star from his collection. As communicated by Rannvijay in the start of the journey, stars will have their own benefits and the leader with maximum stars will have special privileges in the game. But just because Prince believed in Apoorva, he sacrificed his star to save her. 

The competition has been gearing up since the last couple of weeks with Teams Underdog and Favourites competing against each other and with Rannvijay announcing the surprise vote out, the game is all in a stress. Even after Prince saving her in exchange of a star before, Apoorva pitched for immunity as she felt she was still not safe. Neha will try to make her understand that she has got enough chances where she was saved and this time other deserving contestants should get it. Rannvijay will also be seen questioning that now being a permanent member and having Prince by her side, she should have made more friends and shouldn’t be standing unsafe as a target. All this commenced a heated argument between Neha and Prince. 

In order to save Apoorva, Prince will be seen pitching a deal where he will support the people who will not vote Apoorva out. Rival contestant Arushi does not seem happy with this and tried to argue it out with Prince over her worth. Also, upon finding her close friend Kevin in danger, Arushi wants Prince should support him. But being committed and responsible for his team, Prince doesn’t leave Apoorva’s side till the end. Would Apoorva be safe and stay in the journey ahead? Also, towards the end, Neha and Arushi asked Prince, if Apoorva would not have been a permanent member, would he choose Kevin over Apoora? A series of dramatic fights and arguments to follow, tune-in to MTV this Saturday at 7PM, to see what happens next.

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