The upcoming episode of Roadies Revolution promises to be intriguing, entertaining and by all means a fun weekend watch

Roadies Revolution: An unmissable episode awaits the viewers, this week

With excitement kicking in every week, Roadies Revolution is scaling up on entertainment with different tasks, conflicts and game planning combined. With an aim to bring a revolution and steer a social change, the passionate Roadies are going all guns blazing to lead the race and reach the finish line. The upcoming episode promises to be intriguing, entertaining and by all means a fun weekend watch, and we tell you what all can you expect from it-  

 A game of betrayal and broken expectations for Neha!

Heightened expectations, betrayals have got celebrity leader Neha Dhupia on a tough spot in this season. With her boldness and indomitable strength, she has been able to fight it out in the best way. However, game planning and manipulations will again find her trapped in the game of betrayals, this week. Neha will be seen getting disappointed with her favourite contestant on the journey. Will things turn fine for her moving forward? Will she give it back to the ones who broke her trust or will she give in! Stay tuned to know more.

 The first ‘Double Eviction’ of the season!

After the most entertaining EDM task, Rannvijay drops the dreadful bomb of double eviction this week! With the ongoing dynamics between the contestants, divided as Delhi Vs Pune, who will be this week’s target should be an interesting turn in the hook of the journey. With Aarushi, Kevin, Michael, Srishti, and Abhimanyu being immune, the pan is already heavy on one side. Will this affect the vote outs and the favour one group? Do not miss this week’s episode.

Time to choose a permanent member in the gang!

The biggest dilemma the leaders have been facing till now was to choose a new team and get hold of their favourites in each task. The unexpected twist in the game now gives them an opportunity to choose one permanent member and the captain of their gangs. By now, it has become clear who are the leader’s favourites, but will the leaders choose them as their captain, or it is going to be a shocking discovery! Only time will tell

Gossip, Sparks, Drama and Tiffs

Although, this year Roadies has hit a different game and brought in revolution, the dynamics of the game still remains the same and survival being one of the most important part. This week will see a lot of tiffs between the Pune alliance and the Chandigarh alliance. Will the new-found friendships sail or the spirit of surviving in the game? The viewers will also see an unbreakable bond between Sapna and Aakash. Would the relation see a next step, or will it be lost in the dust of the game dynamics? It would be interesting to find out!

Last day in Rishikesh!

Post the fun and exciting tasks – Punch-Tantra, Meal Milke, Yoga Naav, Dung Se and EDM in the serene and heavenly city of Rishikesh, the Roadies gang’s next stop would be ‘Tauli Village’. After the double eviction, permanent gang members, and the clash of the clans, the revolution story and the journey will definitely take a new and exciting turn.

Roadies Revolution is all set to up the game and step in the next phase of this journey. Tune in to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to catch up on what happens next!

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