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Sanjeevani, the famous medical drama, is back on Indian small screen after 17 years. The series has got a new team of doctors as the star cast where each one is different from others. But as a team of dedicated doctors, they work together towards the common commitment of saving the life of their patients.

Sanjivani: The Medical Drama you should Start Watching

Actor Mohnish Behl is back in the series as Doctor Shashank. Namit Khanna and Surbhi Chandana are the new entry in the show who promises to keep up to the reputation created by the previous series. The new star cast is trying to keep the content updated with the changing taste of audiences.

As the hero, Namit Khanna aka Dr Siddhant Mathur (Sid) portrays a flirty doctor image just like some Bollywood hero who is proposing the girl whose name he has forgotten. He plays Robin Hood avatar, in the series, accepting money from the rich and distributing to the poor. But his way of doing so is quite unreal and dramatic, much to the disapproval of Surbhi Chandna,

Dr Asha Kanwar played by Rashmi Singh is one character in the show that adds a pinch of spice in the serious medical drama.

Sanjivani: The medical drama you should start watching 1

Sanjeevani is set up as a perfect hospital soap opera where two genres of doctors exist simultaneously. One genre believes in commercialisation and others who believe in government funding and donation.

Gurdeep Kohli is back in the role of Dr Juhi Singh. Surbhi Chandna is playing the role of Dr Ishani.

Rohit Roy and Sayantani Ghosh would also join the star cast.

As soon as the teaser of the Opera was revealed, its fans have been waiting to know more about the serial and certainly are not disappointed by the start.

The hate-love relationship between the lead pair there would add the romance in the show.

Watch this series if you want to watch something different from usual Saas-Bahu Sagas or supernatural series which are aired on almost every TV channel with some twist and quirky characters.

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