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Read to know about Shaheer Sheikh's net worth, affairs and controversies

Shaheer Sheikh’s Net Worth, Dating History And Controversies Revealed

Shaheer Sheikh, who has entertained audiences as Abir from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, is known for his impeccable dressing sense and acting chops on television.

From his style to his smile, everything about this man is drooling worthy. He can go make any girl go weak on their knees. He is the national crush of almost everyone. His hot body and casual style have made way into our hearts.

As per a media report, Shaheer Sheikh has an estimated 3 Million dollars as of 2020

The two of the topmost romantic affairs he’s been involved with is with his ex-girlfriend, Ayu Ting Tong and Erica Fernandes. Although they have always denied dating each other, paparazzi and grapevine have it that he’s been dating her for quite some time post his break-up with Ayu. Shaheer had even apologized to Ayu on National TV for ending their relationship abruptly to which Ayu had responded in the kindest way possible by forgiving him and hugging him.

As per media reports, one controversy that happened with the actor was when he was asked what is his opinion on people’s perception of him and how he is in personal life? He answered, “I am a human being, sometimes I am happy but sometimes I am not feeling that great or not in a mood. And being a human, I have every right to feel and express. Just because I am an actor I don’t have to be nice to everyone at all times irrespective of how I am feeling or what my priorities are. Just because actors sometimes are very image-conscious they tend to be nice to everyone at all times. I am not going to give you a fake smile if I don’t like you. I am real. At least you know that I like you when I say I like you.” Which was an overrated statement according to all and he was the center of attraction for his statement.

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