Looking for a new show to binge-watch? Here’s Colors TV Bahu Begum for you

A show you need to start watching: Bahu Begum

Bored of your run of the mill sagas showing evil mothers-in-law plotting against their bahus and vice versa. We have a show that deals with a thought-provoking concept that will definitely make for an interesting watch.

Released in July, Colors TV introduced us to a new TV show Bahu Begum that deals with the issue of polygamy. The story showcases the journey of three lives – Azaan Akhtar Mirza, Shayra Sayyed and Noor Qureshi as they get into a complicated marital bond due to fate.

If you are a fan of love triangles and love to root for your favorite pair, this show might be perfect for you. Azaan and Shayra are already in a relationship with a desire to marry each other which eventually they do. However, the plot twist comes in when Noor, Azaan’s childhood friend, through a series of misunderstandings is forced to marry Azaan too.

It has been interesting to see the three of them navigate their way through their complicated marriage. The tashan moments between Noor and Shayra are especially interesting to watch. Where Azaan and Shayra love each other and share a real bond, Noor is in it only to safeguard her position.

Arjit Taneja, Diana Khan and Samiksha Jaiswal who play Azaan, Shayra and Noor respectively share a great chemistry together. The rest of the cast give stellar performances too.

So far the show has presented some good moments and kept the audiences hooked. Definitely worth a watch!

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