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Kumkum Bhagya: Everyone loves AbhiGya very much and their love story which is narrated in ZeeTv's Kumkum Bhagya is one of the top-most shows in the country right now.

Kumkum Bhagya: All the times when AbhiGya almost reunited But Didn’t

Currently, in the show, we are seeing that the estranged lovers are dying to meet each other. Their separation track has become as popular as their marriage track as well.

Remember the time when dadi almost reunited abhigya. Dadi takes Adhi to the temple where Dadi spots Pragya praying but in the meantime, Abhi is somewhere else Dadi insists Pragya wait but she panics and leaves when Abhi returns dadi tells him about this incident Abhi goes to find Pragya but she is lost in the crowd.

This was the first time we thought Abhigya would be back again but this was also a successful attempt. This time when Abhi goes to Pragya’s house it was very obvious they both are going to meet. Abhi takes Riya to Pragya’s house and makes her apologise to Pragya but at that time also he fails to see her. Abhi once orders Pragya’s landlady as a caterer for his function. Meanwhile for this function Pragya is helping her landlady and she is in the kitchen preparing food when he enters the kitchen she accidentally drops flour on his head.

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As Abhi’s eyes are covered with the flour he cannot see anything also Pragya couldn’t recognise him with such a face. The director almost had us at this scene. Pragya follows Prachi to Abhi’s company’s five-year celebration. She is afraid of running into Abhi when she hears he is performing. Pragya gets into a mess where she is forced to assassinate the CM.

Abhi gets in the way and Pragya is forced to shoot him. Pragya refuses to shoot Abhi thinks he has seen Pragya but focuses on getting the CM to safety. These were the times when Kumkum Bhagya serial grabs everyone’s attention for the abhigya reunion.

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