Ashita Dhawan talks about the fact that she is blessed to be typecast

Being typecast has helped me in my career: Ashita Dhawan

Ashita Dhawan has always glorified the characters that she has played, with her acting prowess and mannerisms. However, the talented actress has been getting the same kind of offers that typecast her in the same genre.

However, Ashita is not at all upset about this scenario. Instead, she admits, “Actors always say that they get typecast when they do one type of character. But I am happy to be typecast. This has worked wonders for me. Why should be I be unhappy?”

She continues, “I am doing shows back to back with almost the similar content. In every show, I have a tagline and every show or production house has maintained the same. One or two shows rejected, but most of the shows have given it to me.”

Ask her about the trend of having a ‘takia kalam’ in all her roles, she avers, “It started from Malti of Bidaai wherein my takia kalam was ‘Jhoot toh main bolti nai’ to this show Dil Dhoondta Hai where my tagline is ‘ Maano ya na maano’. When a production house casts me they put an extra thought of giving me a takia kalam as I carry it really well. Even if I play a protagonist or antagonist, I have a tagline. An interesting fact is that the first takia kalam was given to me by Rashmi Sharma, who was then the creative in Bidaai.”

Way to go, Ashita!!

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