Kawach Mahashivratri actor Vijhay Badlaani recently got injured when he sprained his ankle in a fight sequence.

Vijhay Badlaani gets injured on set of Kawach Mahashivratri

Actor Vijhay Badlaani who will enter Kawach Mahashivratri on Colors this weekend has suffered an injury on the set!!

IWMBuzz.com recently reported about Vijhay playing the husband of Angad’s sister, Shobha.

Recently, there was a sequence wherein Vijhay’s character Rishi barges into Angad’s (Namik Paul) home, and demands his wife to be sent with him.

The sequence will result in Rishi getting beaten up by Angad and the other men in the house.

The scene required Vijhay to be hit again and again after which he had to fall and get up instantly.

Post the shoot and pack-up, the actor realized that he has twisted his ankle badly.

When contacted, Vijhay confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I have a crepe bandage wrapped up to protect my ankle as I had to continue and finish the fight sequence.”

Kawach Mahashivratri has Namik Paul and Deepika Singh playing the leads. The show has started on a good note with appealing numbers.

Here’s wishing Vijhay a speedy recovery.

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