Check out Priyank Sharma’s transformation over the years.

Then vs Now: THIS is how Priyank Sharma looked before rising to the top

Young heartthrob Priyank Sharma, who rose to fame after participating in Bigg Boss, enjoys a massive fan following all over the country and the reasons are quite obvious. His good looks are enough to make ladies fall head over heels for him.

Priyank can win the heart of his viewers with his hot looks. He is seen to become a style icon for many due to his amazing transformation in style.

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The star has drastically changed his appearance. He is also popularly known for his ravishing personality and handsome looks. If you have been following him since the start of his career, then you may know, Priyank has had a drastic transformation.

We came across a picture wherein you will be shocked to see his transformation. From being the boy-with-glasses to looking so irresistibly hot and sexy, Priyank definitely has a charm that’s enough to make anyone’s heart flutter.

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