Shrenu Parikh plays the bitter and revengeful Jhanvi on ‘Ek Bhram: Sarvagun Sampanna’, but not to everyone’s faces ever!

Will Shrenu Parikh be TV’s next best evil Queen?

Television characters have redefined themselves over the past few years. While the sets have become grander, the family festivals have become more lavish and the romance between the couple on the other hand, is definitely more refined and modern now. We can very well say the same for the ‘vamp’ character of Hindi television shows, who no longer need those snake-like bindis and extra obvious background tunes to prove to the audience that they are they are devils.

Will Shrenu Parikh be TV's next best evil Queen?

One of the most favourite evil queens in recent times was Maya Mehrotra on Beyhadh, played by Jennifer Winget, and we can never forget the nutty character she played, who was borderline psychotic when it came to attaining whom she loved. Now the silver screen might just have found a new evil queen- Shrenu Parikh!

Shrenu Parikh is recently seen on the Star Plus show, Ek Bhram: Sarvagun Sampanna, opposite Zain Imam and is making headlines for her unique character portrayal. She plays Jhanvi who is a sweet and virtuous bahu from the up and up but her bitter and revengeful side is unknown to all!

It is this very vengeful side of her that has attracted the audience in just a few weeks since the show aired. What is all the more interesting to see is how she is so bitter and full of vengeance on the inside but her innocent and charming face, coupled with a broad smile, seem to mask it all off as smooth as can be!

Shrenu Parikh has really given it more than her 100% to prep for this role and we are sure the hard work is paying off already because the viewers are already at the edge of their seat, waiting for the story of this show to unfold.

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