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The secret way of saying I LOVE YOU by Mishti and Abir will melt your heart!

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishbir’s CUTEST ‘I Love You’ Moment

We come across many romantic scenes from the Tv shows and when the time comes, we get so much attached to the scenes that we start comparing it with our real-life and expect everything to happen as per the scene. But in real life it is nothing similar, right? To make you believe in love again, we have Abir and Mishti from Ye Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke!

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has been on our mind ever since it aired back in March last year. The show got into our mind and heart ever since we saw Shaheer Sheikh’s beautiful chemistry with Rhea Sharma. We see Shaheer Sheikh playing the role of Abir Rajvansh while Rhea Sharma plays the role of Mishti Rajvansh. Also, we see Avinash Mishra playing Abir’s brother, Kunal Rajvansh while Kaveri Priyam plays the role of Mishti’s sister, Kuhu Rajvansh.

Now talking of the lead couple, both Abir-Mishti and Kuhu-Kunal make us watch the screen when they come together but Abir and Mishti are just outstanding. Their cute banters, off-screen friendship, nok-jhok, and their love for each other not in person, but in front of others just makes us love them even more.

Abir and Mishti were talking on a video call and Badi maa enters. Mishti talks with her and hugs her. But the video call is still on. Mishti hugs Badi maa and says I love you. Mishti holds her mobile straight so she sees Abir who says I love you too! Damn! They don’t leave a chance to say I love you even in front of their family, because they know that all love them and they are a special couple.

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