Zee TV’s Sethji will see a new love story...

A budding ‘love story’ to create new drama in Zee TV’s Sethji

Zee TV’s drama series, Sethji (Offshore Productions) has sprung open a new revelation with viewers getting to know of Pragati (Rumman Ahmed) being the daughter of Nagesh.

However, the fact remains that neither Pragati nor Nagesh know about this fact.

In the coming episodes, Pragati will be in major soup with Sethji’s young daughter Gauri falling in love!!

And the shocker will be that Gauri will fall in love with Nagesh’s son, Amrish…


As per sources, “This will be the next turning point in the show. The focus will be on Amrish and Gauri’s love story.”

This will further build up to the drama quotient about whether Sethji (Gurdeep Kohli) will get to know of Pragati’s real identity and that her daughter is actually in love with Pragati’s brother.

Will all this lead to Sethji believing that Pragati has come to her house with a mission?

We buzzed actors, but did not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.



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