Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging drama with Rukmini (Khushi Dubey) and Sumedh (Navneet Malik) meeting each other. Kesar Ba, as we know, set a test for Rukmini to understand her capability in handling the family affairs. Rukmini did well in winning Kesar Ba’s test. Sumedh and Rukmini went to a nearby park to talk about their marriage. We saw Sumedh telling Rukmini about how his mother means a lot to him and also of the importance of his brother. Rukmini did not ask Sumedh any questions. Sumedh too did not ask Rukmini anything, saying that his mother would select the best for him always.

The coming episode will see Sumedh having one request before Rukmini. He will tell her how much he loves his brother and that getting his consent is important for him. Sumedh will make a video call to Malhaar (Hitesh Bhardwaj) and will show him Rukmini’s face. However, Sonal will come in between and Malhaar will see her. When Sumedh will turn the phone towards Rukmini, Malhaar’s phone will hang. Later Malhaar will assume Sonal to be Sumedh’s girl and will give his consent.

Sumedh will be very happy to get Malhaar’s consent. Kesar Ba will later ask Sumedh whether he is happy with the alliance. Sumedh will agree to it. Later, Kesar Ba will tell all that it is important to get consent from the girl too. She will ask Rukmini about her thought and Rukmihi will give her consent too.

Both the families will rejoice as the wedding of Sumedh and Rukmini will get fixed.

Aankh Micholi Ep 31 4th March Written Episode Update

Kesar took a test of Rukmini to find out whether she was capable of handling and hiding the family discords.

What will happen next?

Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is the story of an undercover cop Rukmini who aspires to achieve her dreams. In the process, the plot will also dwell on her love life. The show has Khushi Dubey playing Rukmini. Actors Navneet Malik and Hitesh Bhardwaj play the male leads and portray characters Sumedh and Malhaar respectively.