Amala will now emerge as a more confident person in the Star Plus Dopahar show.

Amala’s ‘makeover’ to bring positivity in her life in Star Plus’ Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka

Life has to move on, come what may!! Yes, this should be the philosophy of life and one has to believe that after every dark night comes a new day!!

Truly, the protagonist of Star Plus Dopahar show, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka? (24 Frames) believe exactly in this now!!

The show which was progressing on the lines of sorrow and desentment post the rape attack on Amala (Pankhuri Awasthy), will now take a new path wherein Amala will be shown all the more confident!!

Yes, Amala will soon go though a makeover, both in terms of look as well as thought process, courtesy a final attempt from Abeer (Rajveer Singh) before he would bid her good-bye!!

As per sources, “The coming track will see a depressed Amala asking Abeer to get out of her life and start his life afresh. She will say that the more she sees him, she gets reminded of the gruesome past she has gone through. All this will lead to Abeer cracking a deal with Amala. Abeer will tell Amala that he will move out of her life, provided she would also begin life afresh and be more confident in life.”

This will kick-start a new journey for Amala wherein she will ask Abeer to take her to the internet hub so that she can enroll for further studies.


The makeover will come from the fact that Amala will look at life with positivity written all over her face. She will have a new look, will start to wear brighter colors and of course, will have the smile back on her face. Before leaving, Abeer will also remodel the house, giving it a face-lift. In simple words, everything within Amala and around Amala will be changed for the better….

We buzzed Pankhuri but she remained unavailable for comment.

Isn’t this good news? Are you looking forward to this new journey of Amala?

Here are the new look pictures of Amala!! Gear up for this new change in her life.