Angoori Bhabhi will soon be determined to educate herself with more of English language in &TV’s popular show, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai.

Angoori Bhabhi’s educational journey in &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

‘Sahi Pakde Hai!’ has become a common household dialogue, all thanks to the chirpy Angoori Bhabhi of &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Her unique pronunciation of English words complemented by the UP dialect has managed to resonate with the masses, leading to a huge fan base. A simple yet interesting twist to an English phrase like ‘I am Saaaarrrry’ along with frequent usage of words like ‘ghuiyan’ and ‘chirand’ have often been a hit amongst the audience.

Using her speech and style to create a unique identity, the simple and beautiful Angoori Bhabhi has charmed the audience, except for one.

In an upcoming episode, a particular gentleman, or rather referred to as ‘Ghanta man’, is furious for being mistakenly insulted by Angoori. A client by the unusual name of ‘Daaruwala’ brings with him a huge fat order of five lakhs for Tiwari ji.  Upset and annoyed with Angoori Bhabhi’s style, he threatens Tiwari ji to cancel the order. An emotional‘Saaaaaary’ by our cute Angoori does not solve the situation which in turn leaves Tiwari ji furious.

Determined to improve her enunciation with English, Angoori Bhabhi will be seen joining a Praud Shiksha Kendra run by the one and only, Anita Bhabhi. Joining her, in this educational journey will be the famous characters of the show, Teeka, Malkhan, and Tillu along with Happu, Commissioner and Gulfam Ali.  The drama continues as the teacher of this kendra turns out to be Vibhuti, who will be seen making flirtatious attempts at Angoori Bhabhi. Complications are set to arrive when Tiwari tries to make Angoori Bhabhi fail, unlike Vibhuti who wishes to see Angoori pass with flying colours.

Talking about this interesting new change to her role, Shubhangi Atre a.k.a Angoori said “I am honestly quite fascinated to portray a woman, who wants to evolve and learn because she is determined to change her reality. I believe that age is no bar for someone who wants to invest in education and thereby empower themselves. With this track we wish to highlight the same idea and promote adult education. The future of this country, also lies in the hand of thousands of women who have the zeal to learn and not hold themselves back due to societal pressure. Education has the power to liberate individuals, it’s the key towards a better life. This is something I have grown up learning and in fact wish for my daughter to believe in as well.  With all the love that has been pouring in for Angoori Bhabhi, I am sure that the viewers are going to support her in this journey as she decides to educate herself. Like many of our episodes, this one is going to be a sequence packed with hilarious punches that’s ought to give the viewers a fun ride.” 

Watch this interesting track in the popular & TV show.


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