Drama galore in Patiala Babes

Ashok and Babita to lock horns in Patiala Babes

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest offering, Patiala Babes, produced by Rajita Sharma, under the banner Katha Kottage, has been keeping the audience intrigued with its gripping storyline.

The upcoming episodes are going to be a roller coaster ride for viewers as a major track is going to unfold.

A little birdie informs us that soon audiences will witness Ashok (Bhanujeet Sudan) and Babita (Paridhi Sharma) fighting over Mini (Ashnoor Kaur).

Adds the source, “Mini will get a form from college which would be supposed to get signed by her father. However, now Ashok and Babita are separated and Mini is staying with Babita, she would not be able to get them signed.”

The girl will urgently need these important papers hence she would seek help from her father Ashok. However, he would refuse to do. Soon, Ashok’s current wife Mitali (Hunar Hali) will make Ashok understand his responsibility towards her daughter Mini. Later, Ashok would go to Mini’s house to sign the papers. However, Babita will get angry seeing Ashok. She would refuse to take help from him.

What will happen next?

We buzzed the artist but they remained unavailable for a comment.

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