Drama galore in Star Plus show.

Avni to expose Kamini and put her behind the bars in Naamkarann

Loyal viewers of Star Plus popular show Naamkarann (Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd) have been witnessing high voltage drama revolving around Mowgli’s custody.

In the recent episodes, audience has witnessed Neil (Zain Imam) getting furious at Avni (Aditi Rathore) for poisoning Mowgli’s mind against him.

Now, we hear, Kamini (Jayati Bhatia) and her lawyer will devise an evil plan to destroy Avni. Meanwhile, Avni will get suspicious of the increasing number of adoptions at the orphanage.

Later, Kamini will also plan to kidnap Mowgli but she will not succeed in the same. Soon, Avni will discover the child trafficking racket run by Kamini and her lawyer. With the help of Mitali, Avni will find the missing children and put Kamini behind the bars.

What will happen next? Will Avni manage to win Mowgli’s custody?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actor for comment.

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