Badho has a mission on hand in the & TV show.

&TV’s popular and cult show Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up and Hum-Tum Telefilms) is into its wind-up phase after keeping viewers entertained for long.

Tonight’s episode will see the big high point of Badho (Rytasha Rathore) coming in and stopping the engagement of Lakhan (Prince Narula) and Titli (Kanika Mann).

Yes, not only this, Badho will argue and fight with the Panchayat claiming that she is the wife of Lakhan.

As we know, Badho was kidnapped and the divorce of Lakha and Badho has also happened.

Our credible source tells us, “Badho will fight for a cause now. She will go against the entire society and try to win Lakha back.”

It is now to be seen whether Badho will succeed in her mission and get re-married to Lakhan.

We buzzed the Producer Dipti Kalwani who told us, “Yes, tonight’s episode will see Badho getting back to win over Lakhan again. You will have to see where the fight actually takes her.”

Are you ready to be part of Badho’s fight to get her man back?

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