Beyhadh 2 the Sony TV show produced by LSD Films has seen the shocking death of Rishi (Rajat Verma) and how the family of MJ (Ashish Chowdhry) is reeling with this personal loss.

MJ very well knows that Rishi’s girlfriend is the culprit. However, her identity is not yet out in the open.

On the other hand, Ananya (Kangan Nangia) will look for some proof against the girl in Rishi’s room. It will be then that she will get hold of a few paintings and will immediately suspect Maya.

As per a reliable source, “Ananya’s doubt on Maya being Rishi’s girlfriend will be so strong that she will question Maya about it in front of Rudra (Shivin Narang).”


Will Maya be caught? Or will she play a game so that Rudra will support her?

We buzzed actors of Beyhadh 2, but could not get through.