Beyhadh 2 will see Rudra and Maya at their romantic best this Valentine’s day. Will their love overpower the revenge game?

Beyhadh 2: Rudra and Maya’s sizzling romance

It’s Valentine’s Week and the Sony TV show Beyhadh 2 which revolves around the crazy revenge drama of Maya (Jennifer Winget) wherein love and romance happens to be her key elements for revenge, will take a new leaf as the ambience will get all the more romantic!!

Yes, for the lovers Rudra (Shivin Narang) and Maya, Valentine’s week will bring in more of the sizzling chemistry between Rudra and Maya.

The premise will be filled up with colours, flowers and the gala gathering with balloons, amidst which Rudra and Maya will take their romance to the next big level.

What will happen now? Will Maya unleash her next action plan? Or will Rudra melt her with all the love?

Watch these pictures here and you will surely feel the love ambience.

Watch this space at for updates.

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