Bhootu will see new challenges in the Zee TV show.

Bhootu to enter a ‘new phase’ with new challenges

Zee TV’s comedy-drama series Bhootu, produced by Esselvision will soon revamp and will bring in freshness in its storyline and format!!

As reported earlier by, the show will see Arshiya Mukherjee who plays Bhootu and Viraj Kapoor who essays the role of Gopal in the new phase. Joining them will be Akanksha Chamola, who plays Bhootu’s mother Anandita.

The new phase will start airing from Monday (5 February) and will entertain audiences with its pleasing new storyline.

As per the ongoing track, the wedding of Shuchi (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aarav (Kinshuk Mahajan) is being aired. The huge drama and tragedy over the death of Subodh (Vimarsh Roshan) has also been telecast.

In order to hide from Bhootu the bitter fact of her dad being murdered, Gopal will freeze the time and take it seven days ahead so that Bhootu does not see her father’s post death ceremony taking place.

The show will take a seven days jump wherein Aarav and Shuchi (Kinshu Mahajan and Sana Amin Sheikh) will be seen moving out of the house. As for them, they are a contented couple as they feel that Bhootu’s soul has found its ultimate solace and will never return.

However, the truth will be something else!!

Bhootu who has made Shuchi’s life perfect by getting her married, will now reach a new phase in her life…

A credible source tells us, “Bhootu’s soul will not get freed. As a contrast, Bhootu will gain new powers, happiness and will also have new conflicts to face. The challenge put before her this time will be to be even braver to deal with people on Earth.”

What are the new powers that Bhootu will get? What are the new hurdles in her life?

We reached out to actors, but could not get through to them.

For the fans of Kinshuk and Sana, they will be bidding adieu to them, as they wrap up their final day’s shoot for the show today (3 February).

While we wish Sana and Kinshuk all the very best, we look forward to the new challenges in Bhootu’s life…


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