In its last leg, COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is just a few days away from the finale. Amid the excitement, one of the biggest entertainment juggernauts Karan Johar hosts a fun-filled ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. The episode captures housemates recommending each other tattoos, Badshah gracing the ‘vaar’ stage and an imaginary trip to the future. In his filmmaker element, Karan asks the contestants to enliven different situations if this season lasted for forty years. Archana and Shalin perform an improv on Shalin being presented an award for overacting after four decades. The former hilariously butchers English and mercilessly mocks Shalin drawing out chuckles from housemates. The second scenario is that an old Shiv and Priyanka are celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary. The two rivals pull each other’s legs and the gags they touch upon are Priyanka’s ‘buland aawaaz’ and her insistence on proving her point. The highlight is when Archana and MC Stan stage a comic fight about tidying up the bathroom. Catch all the fun in tonight’s episode.

The air of repulsion stirs up in another ‘vaar’ task that involves contestants suggesting a tattoo that suits the personality of their rival. Shalin suggests that MC Stan get a pair of spectacles for clearer sight, and the rapper recommends that the actor should get a chameleon tattooed on himself. Archana recommends a tattoo of ‘ghanta’ for Shiv. It will be interesting to see what reason she cites for the suggestion.

After a dose of comedy and drama, Karan Johar welcomes rapper Badshah to the ‘vaar’ stage and the rapper puts the host on a spot for a ‘rapid fire’ like segment. Needless to say, Karan’s answers are spicy and full of fire. The host reveals that if he was ‘Bigg Boss’ he would bring all the actors into the house to control them and if he was Shah Rukh Khan he would rule like a king. With Karan spilling the beans, the entertaining episode comes to the most dreaded bit, which is eviction. Find out who bids the show farewell.