Making history in COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Abdu Rozik is the only captain who hasn’t been fired by the master of the house after a week. However, his chance to retain captaincy goes kaput as Bigg Boss announced a gold mining task that is being monitored by the appointed sanchalak Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. In tonight’s episode, supporters of Abdu’s captaincy accuse the sanchalak of harboring a bias against him. Priyanka does her best to defend herself but to no avail. Shiv Thakare, who wanted Abdu to retain captaincy, instigates Priyanka by insinuating that she was perhaps scared of Abdu. It will be interesting to watch who dons the captain’s mantle after Abdu set the captaincy bar high with his leadership skills.

Disappointed at the lost opportunity to continue being captain, Abdu goes to the captain’s room and begins moving his luggage to his original room. While many contestants such as Sajid, Tina, Shalin, and Shiv try cheering him up, Abdu indulges in self-appraisal and says, “I’m very happy Bigg Boss not making me fired bro. I’m the best captain in this Bigg Boss house.”

After Abdu kisses his captaincy goodbye, a shocking incident quakes the coveted house. A heated exchange between one of the most entertaining housemates Archana Gautam and strong contender Shiv Thakare goes out of hand. It all starts with Tina Datta looking for tissue papers to be kept in the bathroom area for hygiene purposes. She’s annoyed with Archana, who had hidden them in the kitchen and her bedroom. Known to be possessive about the kitchen space, Archana faces flak for keeping most of the tissue paper boxes to herself and Shiv intervenes in the matter. Not prepared to apologize for usurping the tissue papers, Archana warns him to stay out of the mudda. In a shocking move, Shiv makes personal remarks and Archana retaliates. What happens after Archana is summoned to the confession room and starts crying? Find out the details of what went down between Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare and if the former stands evicted in tonight’s episode.