Drama galore in Zee TV show

Binni to go against Nisha and give Jia another chance in Woh Apna Sa

Zee TV’s Woh Apna Sa (Rashmi Sharma Production) will see high-voltage drama in the forthcoming episode.

As per the plot, as the robbers will take aim to shoot at Binni (Tanya Sharma), Akash (Kinshuk Vaidya) would jump in and push Binni out of the way and get shot himself. Binni will be shocked and run towards him while Arjun (Ssudeep Sahir) would call the police who would later arrest them.

Furthermore, Arjun will be touched when Akash would risk his life to save Binni and would hug him.  Akash will ask Arjun if he has told Jia about Aditya. Arjun will respond saying that he will tell Jia (Disha Parmar) after Binni mends her ways.

Meanwhile, Nisha (Manasi Salvi) will get furious at Jia and tell Binni to throw her out of the house. She will be dazed when Binni would deny the same and give another chance to Jia to be in the house.

Nisha will lash out when Arjun, Akash, Chirag and Kaki would try to brainwash Binni about Jia by asking her to let her stay as she is not evil like Nisha.

Nisha will threaten everyone with dire consequences and warn them to throw out of the house within a week.

Will she be successful in her plan? What will be the next drama?

We buzzed Manasi but she was busy shooting.

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