Choti Sarrdaarni the Colors show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment has seen high-voltage drama over the last many days with the flight in which Seher (Nimrit Kaur) was travelling, getting hijacked. We saw how Seher daringly fought with the terrorists on board the flight.

We also saw how Seher sacrificed her kid growing in her womb to save another child. Rajveer (Mahir Pandhi) saved Seher by bringing her out of the flight at the nick of time before the explosion happened. However, the two of them got injured in the intensity of the blast.

Now, the focus will shift to the hospital where Seher will be fighting for her life. She will be declared dead by the doctors, but Rajveer will not give up. Her heart will stop beating as per the doctors, but Rajveer will try to make hs presence felt in Seher’s mind and heart. He will refuse to accept that Seher is dead. He will call for her, sit beside her and ask her to come back for him.

Will Seher see a revival in health?