Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth a gripping narrative in their latest offering, Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi produced by Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha under Invictus T Mediaworks. As seen so far, after saving Arya, Yug tries to get her admitted to a hospital. However, Satya’s goons don’t allow them to go from the road as Mr Shah, a friend of Satya, engages in illegal activities at Satya’s behest. While crossing from the jungle Arya and Yug arrive at the location, prompting Mr Shah to sprint toward them with the intent to kill them.

The goons point guns at Yug and he gets shot. Arya gets worried. Arya tries to wake up Yug and worries for her life. The goons threaten her and as soon as they point gun at Arya, one of the goons gets shot. Arya too gets shocked as she witnesses a black hooded man entering with gun. And the man turns out to be Ankush. Arya gets happy and emotional after seeing Ankush. The latter fights with goons and saves Arya.

In the coming episode, Yug, unconscious, is tended to by Arya, who urges him to recover quickly. In his unconscious state, Yug murmurs Arya’s name. Meanwhile, Ankush pulls Arya aside, warning her not to reveal her true identity to Yug. When Arya asks for an explanation, Ankush angrily gives her an ultimatum: to choose between him and Yug. Arya embraces Ankush, expressing her inability to lose him again. In the depths of his mind, Ankush plots to utilize Arya to seek revenge against Satya.

The show introduces us to Arya, portrayed brilliantly by Maahi Bhadra. Satya is played with compelling charisma by Aamir Dalvi. Her mother, Chhaya, is portrayed by Sai Deodhar.