Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth a gripping narrative in their latest offering, Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi produced by Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha under Invictus T Mediaworks. As seen so far, Arya vehemently rejects any notion of Satya being her father, declaring her unwavering allegiance to Ankush. Tragedy strikes as Ankush meets his demise, leaving Arya unconscious and vulnerable on the edge of the cliff after Satya’s vicious attack.

In a race against time, Janerao rushes Arya to the hospital, where she is admitted in critical condition. With emotions running high, Janerao implores the doctor to do everything possible to save Arya’s life, desperate for her survival. Satya arrives at the hospital where Arya is being treated but Jaan Rao and Arya make their escape from the hospital. After fourteen years pass, Arya grows up dreaming of becoming an IPS officer. She clears her exam and gets one step closer to realizing her dream.

In the coming episode, Arya finds herself on her scooty, navigating the busy streets when a reckless car driver persistently honks from behind, disrupting her ride. To Arya’s surprise, the culprit turns out to be Yug, who overtakes her and steps out of his car. Arya is infuriated by the reckless driving and confronts the unknown driver.

Will Arya and Yug realize their connection amidst the chaos of the moment?

The show introduces us to Arya, portrayed brilliantly by Maahi Bhadra. Satya is played with compelling charisma by Aamir Dalvi. Her mother, Chhaya, is portrayed by Sai Deodhar.