Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth a gripping narrative in their latest offering, Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi produced by Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha under Invictus T Mediaworks. As seen so far, Arya is looking for Bella and Ajoba, and she ends up at a temple. While she’s there, she unexpectedly runs into Yug, someone she knows. But Arya doesn’t want Yug to recognize her, so she tries to hide who she is.

Then, by accident, Arya bumps into a woman, and flowers spill onto Yug. Instead of revealing herself, Arya decides to leave quietly. She feels conflicted because she wants to talk to Yug but also thinks it’s best to keep her distance for now. Arya poses as maid Kamla in order to enter Satya’s home. She is motivated by a desire for justice. Her goal is to find proof that exposes his illegal land deals with farmers. Arya’s daring plan has the potential to deprive Satya of his CM title.

In the coming episode, Arya finds her Gud Kaki aka Bela in a very sad state at Satya’s house. Arya tries hard to comfort her, but Gud Kaki stays really upset. This makes Arya even more determined to get back at Satya and his wife for causing Gud Kaki so much pain. This emotional moment makes Arya even more committed to making things right and seeking justice for her family.

The show introduces us to Arya, portrayed brilliantly by Maahi Bhadra. Satya is played with compelling charisma by Aamir Dalvi. Her mother, Chhaya, is portrayed by Sai Deodhar.