Star Plus show Divya Drishti will see more drama with Lavanya trying his best to separate Rakshit and Drishti.

Divya Drishti: Lavanya tries to separate Rakshit and Drishti

Star Plus thriller show Divya Drishti produced by Mukta Dhond and Fireworks Productions will see major drama.

According to the latest promo of the show, Divya (Nyra Banerjee) has turned into a badass Pisachini after she and her reel sister Drishti (Sana Sayyad) killed Pisachini. After the death of the evil Pisachini, Divya has gained all the evil powers and her bad energies. Divya’s sole motive is to kill and destroy her very own sister Drishti.

As per the plot, in the upcoming drama, Lavanya is in love with Rakshit and hence tries to flirt with him. Lavanya tries to come close to Rakshit in kitchen. Lavanya is planning to separate Rakshit and Drishti.

OMG! How will Drishti save her husband?

We buzzed actors but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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