Another major development in Star Bharat show

Drama galore in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Star Bharat’s social thriller Kaal Bhairav Rahasya (produced by Ravi Gharani) has already kept the audiences hooked to their TV screen after unveiling the major mystery.

Now, the coming episodes will bring out yet another drama.

We hear, Rahul (Rahul Sharma) and Gauri will rescue the villagers who would be stuck in the tunnel. Later, all of them would chase Masterji who turn out to be Dada Thakur in disguise.

Everyone will get shocked when they learn about Dada Thakur’s antics. Meanwhile, the police will arrive and seal the temple along the entrance to the tunnel.

Later, Shambubaba will go into the jungle and sit near lingams to meditate. When Yashpal will unlock the temple doors, he would find Gungebaba dancing in the centre of the shrine.

What will happen next? Will Rahul manage to unfold this mystery?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors.

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