Dhanak takes special care of unwell Raghu in Gathbandhan

Gathbandhan: Dhanak takes special care of unwell Raghu

Colors show Gathbandhan produced by Jay Productions has been churning out interesting drama revolving Raghu, Maya and Dhanak.

We earlier reported about Raghu and Dhanak have separated with Raghu being on the verge of marrying Maya (Pragati Chourasiya) very soon. Maayi (Sonali Naik) and Maya are trying their level best to get Raghu close to Maya. On the other hand, Dhanak is trying to win Raghu’s love again.

Later, Dhanak wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary in style. On the same day, it is Maya’s birthday. The two girls want to light 7 lamps around the house. While Dhanak lights her lamps on one side of the house, Maya does so on the opposite side. Raghu notices the lamps and feels nice seeing a set of lamps and praises Maya for it. However, the lamps are of Dhanak’s. But Raghu reacts violently to Dhanak’s idea and destroy them.

Maya pretends in front of Raghu as if they have spent the night together after getting drunk. Maya confronts to Maayi and tells her about the entire situation. However, this would be Maya’s trap so that she gets romantically close to him and forgets about Dhanak.

Now, in the coming episode, Maya fails in her attempt hence gets scolded by Maayi. On the other hand, Raghu is unwell. He has headache hence has been resting. Soon, Dhanak notices him in pain and comes to take care of him. She secretly sneaks in and applies balm on his head. Raghu feels Dhanak’s touch but he remains calm and doesn’t react to it. He missing lovely moments spent with her wife Dhanak.


Do you want them to reunite?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.


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